Mortgages over £1 million are no longer only available through private banks. We have an exclusive network of contacts at this level to help you find the right mortgage. 

We can help you structure the borrowing so the loan works for you both today and going forward. We have extensive experience in dealing with incomes which may be a mix of basic salary, net profits, a bonus, investments or income generated from overseas. 

If you are looking for a short-term loan while waiting for a bonus payment or maturity of an investment, a bullet-payment structure may be the best solution. Interest-only mortgages are also popular in these instances and we are highly skilled in this area.

We know our high net worth clients have many demands on their time and expect a result fast and with minimum fuss. We’re happy to talk at any time to suit you, whatever your time zone.

Mortgage regulation has changed the way in which some lenders offer mortgages. Some lenders now only wish to offer loans via brokers, particularly multi-currency loans and larger mortgages. We are highly experienced in these areas and can secure the best deals possible.



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